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Our Story

Created in 2012 to benefit school children in Uganda, H-to-O has always had 100% of the profits benefiting charities around the globe. The small business was started by Nataley at 8 years old, and in the first 3 months in business was able to send enough funds overseas to provide for 1600 hot meals.

Throughout each year the company evolved from a soap-only business run by one little girl, to include a variety of artisan products by Nataley and her two brothers. When the children found out about the desperate need for safe drinking water they switched their focus to help provide funds for wells in Africa.

Now in 2014 the children have a new website and name. With much debate and brainstorming, H-to-O; Help To Others, has been debuted, with the focus of changing the world, one cup of water at a time.

Our Longer Story

In 2012 as Mom was reading about the plight of children trying to get an education in Uganda, she would translate the stories in to a G-Rated version to share with her children. While all three kids tried to find ways to help through lemonade stands and selling old toys, Nataley wanted to go just a bit further. She wanted to make a business and make lots and lots of money for kids in Uganda to have hot meals so they could concentrate in school.

Nataley found a wood planter marked ''Free'' on the side of the road and asked to get it. She took a picture and had mom post the planter for sale on line. With the funds she made from the sale of this free planter she purchased her first blocks of glycerine and soap molds and began to create en masse soaps to sell. ''Nataley's Soaps & Surprises'' was born. Within a few months time she was appearing at craft shows and sent enough money for 1600 hot meals for these school children. It also wasn't a Nataley-Only business anymore either. She hired her brothers to help with marketing and production.

Over the winter the children learned about other difficulties people are facing throughout the world. The one problem that the kids were particularly drawn to was the lack of safe drinking water throughout the world. With the brothers wanting to help more and creating stationary with their award winning photography, Nataley's Soaps & Surprises developed in to Kids' Art 4 Africa in 2013.

Thanks to a science fair project on geode's of North America, the home had an abundance of quarts and amethysts. Jewelry became the natural next product for the company, and while glitz and bling was fine for the girls, the boys could not be left out. Trading some of the plentiful Geode's to a nearby science center, the boys were able to acquire petrified wood, arrowheads, and even meteorites for masculine necklaces that are truly out of this world.

Throughout the school year Mom, who also became business manager by this time, paid in hugs and extra chores around the house, insists on the kids focusing on studies. In April each year the new season begins for them and they are allowed to once more begin their crafting creating and shows.

Thanks to more trading of geodes with the science center, gemstone and mineral jewelry was now added to the line of goods. Uncut emeralds, rose quartz, hemetite, peacock ore, goldstone and more are all regularly featured on the jewelry. Less expensive options are still available for the younger ladies, including keepsake bottles of sparkling quartz on a necklace.

Magnets, posters, and notecards all featuring the kids' photography is also available for purchase.

As 2014 came, the kids' focus increased out of Africa and to all parts of the world. With the addition of tutus for dolls, and who only knows what these kids will come up with next, ''Art'' and ''Africa'' was no longer a good fit for their business. With much brainstorming and debate, H-to-O became the new name.

Nataley is now a 9 year old 4th grader. When she's not learning how to creat new crafts she enjoys horseback riding, shoe shopping, and girl time. Nataley can never get enough Chinese food or crab legs. Joshua is 10 years old and finishing up the 6th grade. Though very laid back, Joshua does get excited over chess, mathmatics, and chemistry. We're just thankful our house hasn't blown up yet and hope he uses his mental powers for good and not evil. Christopher is 12, outgoing, and basically does great at anything he sets his mind to do. A natural born comedian, Christopher has studied with the Second City of Chicago and hopes to pursue sketch comedy, though engineering is his back up plan. The children school at home.